Atlas SET for Automated Segmentation of MTL SUBREGIONS

Data from our paper on manual segmentation of MTL subregions at 7 Tesla has been used by Paul Yushkevich to create an atlas set that can be used for automated segmentation using the ASHS package. It involves hippocampal subfields (Sub, CA1, CA2, CA3, and DG) as well as extrahippocampal regions (ErC, PrC and PhC). This set has been delineated on high-resolution T2 weighted images from young individuals. You can find it here and use it for your own project.


Masks of functional subregions in the entorhinal cortex (AL/PM)

Al-EC and pm-EC masks are available via the eLife website in high-resolution group template space (0.6 mm isotropic resolution, whole brain, AC-PC aligned) and MNI space (2 mm isotropic resolution). The masks are predicted clusters derived by multivariate classification of PrC and PhC connectivity preference  (see Maass, Berron et al., eLife 2015 for more info)